About the Club - President Monthly Message

Dear Pierites and Rotary Annes,
We have almost come to the end of the second month of this Rotary year.
I acknowledge the efforts of all who have contributed towards the activities in some way or the other.

We have started the Remedial Room at SEC Agripada and conducted the first Polio NID of the year. Speaking of Polio, friends I must inform you that Bill and Melinda Gates foundation have given two hundred fifty million US Dollars to Rotary International for eradication of Polio, which rages today in countries like India, Pakistan, Nigeria and Afghanistan. When Bill Gates was asked in an interview why he contributed such a large amount for Polio through Rotary and not through W.H.O., he said “Giving to Rotary is ideal because they are just dedicated to the Polio fight and Rotary allows the fight to take place in the challenge format”. As recipients of the largest share from these funds collected, we must also do our very best by contributing towards this cause through the TRF. Friends another thought I would like to share with you all is of prime importance. It is our Friday weekly meeting of Rotarians in our own home club.