President Nominee

Mayuri Bhasin

President Nominee RY 2023-24

After doing her BSC Zoology/Biochemistry from St. Xaviers College and MSC in Biochemistry from Haffkine Institute., Mayuri taught BSC students Life Sciences and Biochemistry at the St. Xaviers College Mumbai.

She then moved to the corporate sector and joined the American Express Bank, where she was heading the Corporate Retail Channel.

She gave that up to raise two beautiful Children, Abhinay (29),Vice President Data Sciences Asia Pacific at Dentsu International and Abhilasha (21) studying at the Tufts University at Boston.

She is married to Ashish Bhasin, who is the former Chairman India and CEO Asia Pacific at Dentsu International.

Her compassionate heart compelled her to train to become a pro-bono counsellor for underprivileged students and schools. During the covid 19 wave she was also manning one of the hotlines for mental health in Maharashtra and conducted several workshops on mental health and stress management. She piloted the Community Fridge project, which fed many all across the city and has been adopted by organisations all around the state.

Her philosophy in life is, the more you give, the more you receive. Give without expectation with a pure heart.

She joined the Rotary in 2016 to give back to society.

Her dream for the Rotary Club of BOMBAY Pier is to get every member be proud to be a Rotarian and be involved in making the world a better place by starting in small ways.